Flooring Software for Sales & Project Management

Track your floor covering jobs, customize work for job types, share photos & details with your customers, schedule installations, and much more.

With Powerful Integrations

and many more…

Estimating & Invoicing - JobNimbus

Build Floor Estimates On iPhone, iPad, Or Android

Whether you do carpet, hardwood, tile, or other floor coverings, you can create your estimates in JobNimbus. Our mobile app gives you access to your entire list of products and lets you save templates to build complete estimates in seconds.

Estimating is even easier because everything syncs perfectly with QuickBooks Desktop or Online.

Flooring Software - Sales Board

Leads & Contacts - JobNimbus

Track Sales & Build Relationships

Everybody needs a floor, right? As flooring retailers, you’ll be getting a steady flow of leads, either from your marketing or from builders and you need a place to put them all.

With JobNimbus, you can record every lead that comes in, track lead sources to spend where it most makes sense, and manage your sales pipeline to sell more.

Capture Job Photos - JobNimbus

Take & Upload Job Photos From The Mobile App

Our industry-leading mobile app connects the office to the field like never before. You can quickly take pictures on the job site and they’ll upload right into the job folder, making them accessible to your office staff immediately.

No more waiting to get back to the office to transfer those photos from your digital camera, no more cords.

Then, you can share your job photos with customers, builders, and more.

Flooring Software - Mobile Job Photos

Now with Unlimited Storage

That’s enough room for all the photos, videos, contracts, notes, and everything else forever.

Calendar & Tasks - JobNimbus

Schedule Installations & Share Calendars

Whether it’s a renovation or you’re flooring for new construction, schedule your appointments, consultations, and installations all in one place. Your team will always know where to go each day thanks to shared calendars.

Even if they’re doing basement flooring without cell service, they’ll have access to their next appointment even while offline.

Flooring Software - iPhone, iPad, Android
Mobile Signatures

Jobs & Production - JobNimbus

Create Contracts & Proposals, Get Signatures

Create your contracts and estimates for your flooring jobs directly on the mobile app. Get these, plus your flooring designs signed off by the customer, builders, and more, even if you do your flooring designs in another app.

And, thanks to unlimited storage, you can keep your designs, contracts, and more forever.

“Thanks for producing a great program and the quick help and responses on set up!”

J.J. Hedden, Peak To Peak Roofing & Exteriors

Reports - JobNimbus

Keep Track Of Time, Activity, & Notes

You need to be constantly evolving to get the best results. But how will you know where you need to improve if you don’t have a detailed log of what’s going on? That’s where JobNimbus gives you full visibility.

Track time, activity, and notes to see exactly where each job is at and know what’s left in order to get paid.

Flooring Software - Time Tracking, Activity

Work Orders - JobNimbus

Automate Your Flooring Retail Business

Do you track warranties on your floor coverings? Do you have a specific process you always use when doing carpet jobs? If so, you can use automation to set reminders or create tasks.

You can even automatically update the status of your jobs when you complete work or when you get your flooring designs signed off so nothing slips through the cracks.

QuickBooks Sync - JobNimbus

Sync With QuickBooks Desktop or Online

With JobNimbus, you can sync everything including:

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Products & Services
  • Payments

Choose either a 2-way or 1-way sync. No more double-entry. Keep your accountant up-to-date automatically.

Integration with Quickbooks of a construction management software

“It is really bringing true organization, & helps all stay in sync.”

Nathan Harris, Thomas Jefferson Roofing

And much more…

With JobNimbus as your flooring software, you have an all-in-one, end-to-end solution for sales & installation.

Automation - JobNimbus


We integrate with powerful tools to give you more features with JobNimbus at the hub.
Customization - JobNimbus


Bring the process you’ve perfected and let JobNimbus take it to the next level.
Offline Mode - JobNimbus


In a basement with no internet? No worries. Our mobile app saves your work for later.

Devices - JobNimbus

All Your Devices

iOS and Android, Windows and Mac, JobNimbus will always be with you no matter what.
Email - JobNimbus


Send emails & attachments directly from JobNimbus. Capture replies and track opens.
Notes - JobNimbus


Keep notes, see activity, and enjoy full audit trails. See the whole story of your flooring jobs.

Time Tracking - JobNimbus

Time Tracking

Your crews can track their time on site, then you can check against your estimates for improvement.
Notifications - JobNimbus


Get built-in and custom notifications via email or push directly to your phone or tablet.
Sharing - JobNimbus

Share Jobs

Keep your customers in the loop, share key job details, photos, contracts, and more.
Budgets - JobNimbus


Keep track of your job expenses, track sales commissions, and discover your job profitability.
Documents - JobNimbus

Contract Builder

Create your contracts, build proposals, JobNimbus will auto-fill contact & job details.
Signatures - JobNimbus


Get your flooring designs and estimates signed right at the door with our mobile app.

Empower your flooring team.

Start with a 14-day trial of everything JobNimbus has to offer. Not feeling it? Cancel at any time, no nagging, no questions asked, full refund in the first 30 days.

Grow Your Retail Flooring Business And Make More Money

Check out our demo to see just how well JobNimbus can work for your sales team, installation crews, managers, and office staff.

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