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About JobNimbus

Founded in 2013, JobNimbus exists to help make contractors heroes—in their business, industry, community, and at home—by giving them the tools and insights they need to be successful.

Ben, Nick, and Jason
JobNimbus is a Utah-based CRM software company developed in 2013 with the help of leading industry trainers to give contractors a better tool for project management.

It all started when three friends with entrepreneurial mindsets, tech backgrounds, and a drive for problem solving found themselves in the orbit of a project aimed at accountability for homeowners who needed roof replacements.

Nick, Jason, and Ben all came from different backgrounds—Nick was the programming guru, Jason the chemistry nerd turned tech nerd with a vision for product innovation, and Ben the serial entrepreneur with a knack for building things from the ground up—but they all had a common passion for providing creative solutions to real people’s problems.

The result of their efforts is JobNimbus—the ideal CRM software* solution for contractors who want to take their business to the next level.
*So wait—what exactly is a CRM again?

At JobNimbus we know you want to grow your business, but in order to grow, you need all the moving parts working seamlessly together. As a close group of tech entrepreneurs—each with our own wins and losses in the business realm—we learned first-hand the importance of implementing systems and processes in order to scale. We saw the many challenges being met by contractors wanting to perform at a high level, so we set out to provide the tools that could put contractors back in the driver’s seat. Our solution was to package up these systems and processes as a unified CRM, or “customer relationship management” tool, allowing for any contractor to operate their business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

These tools allow JobNimbus to be the best CRM solution for small businesses. With our combined backgrounds in business, science, and software development, we knew we were capable of building a product that truly helped people in the construction world. With the team we’ve assembled here in Utah (and around the world),  our idea of helping contractors become heroes has become a reality. 

Learn more with our Building Business videos

At JobNimbus, we’re customer-obsessed and want your business to succeed. That’s why we’ve built Building Business, a set of resources and an ongoing video series that shares a wide range of invaluable business tips from industry experts. 

Interested? Check out our Building Business YouTube channel today.

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