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all-in-one gutter software

JobNimbus is the #1 software for gutter contractors, with over 1,500 five-star ratings and counting. Optimize your workflows and take your gutter business to the next level.

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Join thousands of contractors using JobNimbus to save valuable time and do the things they love.

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"JobNimbus allowed me more freedom with work-life balance."

— James of M&M Gutters and Exteriors

Popular features that make a difference

The best time-saving tools for gutter companies

Mobile App

Run your gutter company from your phone or tablet, anywhere you’re at.


Free up your time by letting the software complete repetitive tasks for you.


Win more customers in less time with emails and texts, from project start to finish.


Connect all the gutter software you already have into one easy-to-use platform.

Run your business from anywhere with a mobile app

Stay on the go with software that can keep up.

Your business goes wherever you go with the JobNimbus mobile app. Collect signatures right on your phone, pull up the shared calendar to see when your next appointment is, attach a job site photo to a project, and even submit a material order wherever you are. The software syncs across all devices, so you can switch back and forth between your desktop, tablet, and phone without missing a thing.

JobNimbus Mobile App

Create automations for smoother, more consistent work​

Think of automations like a digital personal assistant.

You tell the “assistant” what tasks need to be performed for specific situations, and then the tasks are automatically completed when certain criteria are met. All you have to do is set up automations once, and then they run forever.

Think of all the time you will save with this one feature!

Event-Based Automations

When you create event-based automations, tasks are automatically performed based on the completion of specific events. For example, the system can email a customer after you mark a job as complete.

Time-Based Automations

Time-based automations are triggered based on hours, days, and weeks. For example, you might want to send a reminder to your customer 24 hours before their job. You set the automation up once, and every scheduled project gets an appointment reminder the day before the job.

JobNimbus gutter estimate software comes with several prebuilt automation options, but is completely customizable. Create your own automations or use pre-made automations to run your gutter business your way.

Take a look at some of the most popular JobNimbus automations:

With JobNimbus, you’ll never get another bad review for communication again.

We’ve looked at thousands of reviews for contractors, and the #1 thing that causes a bad review is bad communication. So we built Engage texting into our contractor software to help you communicate with your customers and keep them in the loop.

Engage Texting & Email Communication - JobNimbus

Better customer connections via email & text

Level up all aspects of communication

Are you tired of:

Stay on top of your conversations

When you send emails or texts through a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), everything is stored in the job. You’ll never have to go digging through inboxes or devices to find messages or important information.

Even better, JobNimbus has unlimited storage. You can keep all your messages and reference them whenever you need them.

Integrate with your favorite roofing tools

We proudly integrate with partners who focus on bringing roofing software to the 21st century. Connecting these tools with JobNimbus gives you one platform where you can:

  • Order aerial measurements with EagleView and HOVER
  • Estimate and order materials with exact pricing from Beacon PRO+
  • Snap photos and draw on them with CompanyCam
  • Apply for customer financing with Sunlight Financial
  • Collect digital payments with JobNimbus Payments

Win more jobs with clean and quick estimating

Gutter estimate software helps you get more estimates out in less time, so you can win more bids.

Easily create an estimate for your customer with item names, descriptions, cost, markup, tax, and more.

Once you’ve made an estimate, you can save it as a gutter bid template to use again later. When you need it, just pull up the template to automatically draw the saved information into the new estimate. You’ll improve your accuracy and save time.


Get paid faster with easy invoicing

If you find yourself struggling to make quick, professional, and paperless invoices, it’s time for gutter invoicing software.

Create invoices with unparalleled precision in no time with JobNimbus. The gutter invoice software saves your items, descriptions, and prices, so you can easily pull them the next time you need them.

If you’re making the same invoice over and over, you can turn your invoice into a template. Customize the template to fit your needs, then keep track of when you sent the invoice, so you can follow up and get paid sooner.

Roofing CRM - Cash Collection - JobNimbus

Easy scheduling that saves you time and stress

Control your calendar like never before.

Keep your appointments, gutter installations, gutter cleanings, and calls on track. The Calendar feature lets you schedule all your projects and see your next appointment at a glance. You can also view everyone else’s schedule, so you have visibility into how your team is spending their time.

Toggle between daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views to find the one that works best for you. With the best gutter scheduling software, you’ll never have a task fall through the cracks again.

JobNimbus Mobile App

Get the right software to power your business.

Free up an average of 8 hours per employee per week to make your gutter company more efficient and more profitable. Keep all your projects on track and optimize your entire workflow.

You’ll have everything you need in one place to run your business—start your free 14-day trial now!

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