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Smart roof estimating software helps you sell more jobs faster

With all of the competition in roofing, you will need roof estimating software to bid faster, earn higher margins, and sell more jobs.

Let's first start with:

What is roof estimating software?

Software to help estimate roofs should have the following goals: make it easier and faster for a roofing contractor to know what it will take to do a job and how much to charge to be profitable.

But good estimating software can do a whole lot more for roofers:

Get your roof measurements

Some roof estimating tools let you measure a roof, while others, like JobNimbus, pull in highly-accurate measurements from EagleView and HOVER.

Build an estimate in minutes or seconds

You use your measurements to determine the materials (including waste factor) you’ll need and how much your labor costs will be.

Then you add markup to hit your target profit margin.

Add to your proposal and close the sale

The best estimators put their finished estimate into a professional proposal to help stand out and close the deal.

The proposal should be signed by the customer and collect a down payment to order materials.

In the end, roof estimating software is just one piece of a full roofing software tool to manage your business from marketing and sales to production and billing.

JobNimbus Roofing Estimating Software Features


Create Smart Estimates in Seconds

Smart Estimates make every estimator on your team your best estimator.

Whether you measure by hand or with EagleView or HOVER, you can use those measurements to build a Smart Estimate in JobNimbus in seconds.

JobNimbus Mobile App

No more writing estimates from scratch

If you always do similar roof jobs, why spend time re-writing the same estimate?

With JobNimbus, you can save as many templates as you need, then just fill in the quantities for material and labor.

Roofing CRM Sales for Mobile and Web - JobNimbus

Real-time pricing from Beacon Pro+

No more guesswork and profit loss. Build your estimate with exact pricing on items from Beacon Pro+.

Once you’ve won the bid, you can convert your estimates into material orders and send them directly to Beacon or your supplier of choice.

Yeah, roof estimating software can do that.

Roofing Production Management - JobNimbus

Save time with roofing estimating software

Join thousands of roof estimators using JobNimbus to save time to do what they love.

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"I save 20 hours a week with this roofing tool."

— Robert Cupp of Summit View Roofing


Increase profit with estimate options

Have you ever written an estimate hoping you’d make a profit? Those days are over.

JobNimbus takes all the guesswork out of it by letting you offer Good, Better, Best estimates and helping you set your own markup to hit your target profit margin.

Engage Texting & Email Communication - JobNimbus

Get estimates signed and collect down payments

Nothing’s worse than sending an estimate and never getting the job. You can set up automatic text message follow-ups to your leads.

Your leads can digitally sign and pay their down payment right on the estimate, so you can get them on your schedule.

Roofing CRM - Cash Collection - JobNimbus

Integrate with the best roof estimating companion tools

JobNimbus is an all-in-one platform bringing together some of the best roof estimating software tools under one roof:

  • Order roof measurements with EagleView and HOVER
  • Estimate with exact pricing from Beacon PRO+
  • Take photos to include in your estimates with CompanyCam
  • Customer needs help paying? Apply for customer financing with Sunlight Financial
  • Collect digital down payments with JobNimbus Payments

Every roof estimator's favorite tool

Your business doesn’t need you working harder, you need powerful roofing estimating software to help you work smarter.

Try JobNimbus for 14 days to see why so many roof estimators choose to streamline their workflow and sell more jobs.

Estimating is where it starts, all-in-one is where it ends

JobNimbus is a true, all-in-one roofing software for growth acceleration. Boost efficiency and maximize your profits with one simple, all-in-one tool.

Check out how JobNimbus helps roofers like you.

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