JobNimbus has in-house payment processing for contractors.

JobNimbus Payments

4,000+ reviews
  • Build More Trust – Offer easy, secure credit card and eCheck payment options to your customers.
  • More Money in Your Pocket – No hidden fees. No monthly or annual fees.
  • Fast and Easy Onboarding – Get your new payment system set up and running the same day.
  • Stellar Support – Don’t get the runaround. Talk to someone at JobNimbus every time you need help.
“You got me going with JobNimbus Payments in one day. This is amazing!”
Hugo M.
Paramount Construction Ep, LLC.

How Will JobNimbus Payments Help Your Business?

Build More Trust

91% of homeowners trust contractors that offer digital payment options more than those who only accept checks. 

Get Your Cash Faster

With JobNimbus Payments, most credit card payments are received within 24 hours.

More Money in Your Pocket

Enjoy pricing transparency and competitive rates—no hidden fees, no monthly fees, and no annual fees.

Fast and Easy Onboarding

Get your payment system set up and running the same day. Say goodbye to weeks of waiting for approval.

Save Time

Save 8+ hours a month with easy payment reconciliation. 

Save 2 hours per job spent chasing homeowners for payment.

Superb Support

Bouncing from person to person or department to department is frustrating. With JobNimbus, all support reps are in-house and ready to provide speedy expert support.

“It was so smooth to get on board.”
Dai F.
Just Roofs and Gutters
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Get paid faster right from JobNimbus. Say goodbye to hidden fees and long waits for your hard-earned money.


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