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How to Use Nextdoor for Business: Roofers’ Edition

Every roofer is looking for new, better ways to market their business. Customer referrals are the most potent form of marketing, but what else can you do to tap into that when you’ve perfected your roofing referral program?

Enter Nextdoor. This social platform takes referrals into the online world so you can rack up new leads in no time.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how Nextdoor works, how to make a Nextdoor business account, post on the app, advertise on Nextdoor, and other tips to maximize your Nextdoor account.

Let’s dive in!

How Does Nextdoor Work?

Nextdoor is a social network built around neighborhoods. Users (called Neighbors) connect with others in their local communities and share recommendations, safety problems, and neighborhood events.

But Nextdoor isn’t just for homeowners. It’s an amazing tool for businesses, especially roofing contractors, to get in front of the people they want to work with.

Think of Nextdoor as your virtual roofing referral program. With over 25% of Nextdoor activity revolving around recommendations, this is one place you want to show up in a positive light.

How to Make a Business Account on Nextdoor

Here’s the step-by-step guide to creating a Nextdoor account for your roofing company. The first five steps are necessary, and the last five are optional.

Step 1. Go to the Nextdoor Business Website

Nextdoor has different sites, depending on who’s using the account. For a roofing company, you’ll create your account at

Once you’re there, click “Claim Your Free Business Page.”

Nextdoor main page

Step 2: Add Your Email Address & Set a Password

Your account will be tied to an email address, so you should use your professional business email address here. Or, if you’d rather, you can log in with Facebook, Apple, or Google.

Making a password during Nextdoor account setup

Step 3: Fill in Your Name

You know the drill.

Step 4: Find Your Neighborhood

Since Nextdoor is based around neighborhoods, you’ll have to add your physical address to verify your location.

Step 5: Choose Your Profile Photo

Pick a picture that represents your roofing company well. We suggest using your roofing business’s logo. A team photo could also work if everyone is wearing company swag.

Step 6: Include Your Business Partner(s)

If you have business partners helping run your roofing company, you’ll want to include them. Nextdoor will send updates to your email and any other email addresses you have here.

Add a business partner to your Nextdoor business account

Step 7: Provide Emergency Contacts

Adding emergency contacts is optional for roofing contractors. If there’s an emergency where you’re injured, Nextdoor will email the contacts you add here.

Adding email addresses for emergency contacts on Nextdoor

Step 8: Sync Your Contacts

Nextdoor can sync the contacts in your email whether you use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL.

Syncing your contacts to your Nextdoor roofing business profile

Step 9: Connect with Others in Your Area

You’re practically there! Now you can start adding people who live in or near your neighborhood, kind of like following someone on Instagram or becoming friends with someone on Facebook.

A list of nearby Neighbors to add on Nextdoor

Step 10. Download the Nextdoor App

If you want to use Nextdoor on the go, you might want to download the app to your phone or tablet. You can use Nextdoor on your mobile browser, but the app will function better when you’re out of the office.

The QR code to download the Nextdoor app for your roofing business

How to Post on Nextdoor

You can use Nextdoor to share a company update, promote a sale, or poll people for feedback. You’ll do that by making a post.

When you’re logged into your Nextdoor business account, go to the left side of your feed. There you’ll find a green button that says “Post.” Click that, and it will give you a dropdown of post options.

Add a location
Select your level of privacy (anyone, nearby neighborhoods, or just your neighborhood)
Add a photo or video

Once you’re happy with your post, hit the green button at the top right corner of the text box to post it. Your post is live!

Post button on a Nextdoor business account

Advertising on Nextdoor

Nextdoor lets you control who can see your ads, making it an incredible platform for advertising your roofing business.

Local Deals is the main form of paid advertising on Nextdoor. You can add a title, description, and details about your deal, then choose how long to have it run (anywhere between a week and 30 days). You can also include a photo, discount code, or terms and conditions to make it exactly what you want.

Lastly, choose your audience. Here you can get nitty gritty with who sees your ad. Say you want to increase sales in Tarrant County, Texas. You can put in the neighborhoods in that county or just include a zip code to cover a 10-mile radius.

Nextdoor will charge you a flat, one-time price for the ad. The cost will depend on how many Nextdoor users fall in that area and the ad run-time, but the average Nextdoor Local Deals ad is about $75.

Tips for Using Nextdoor as a Roofer

Simply setting up a Nextdoor business account and running Local Deals will boost your business. But don’t stop there. You can do a few extra things to really make the most of Nextdoor.

Try out some of these tips to elevate the effectiveness of your Nextdoor account.

  • Ask for Nextdoor recommendations
  • Reply to Neighbors quickly as a business
  • Join your neighborhood (and have each person on your team join their neighborhoods)
  • Make regular posts with updates about your business (new products, services, closures, special offers, etc.)

Make Nextdoor Your Next Best Lead Source

If you aren’t using Nextdoor to advertise your roofing company, there’s no better time to start.

Set up your business account, make a few posts, and start advertising with Local Deals to get more referrals (and happier customers). Don’t forget to keep track of all your new leads with JobNimbus roofing software!

Do you have a Nextdoor business account for your roofing company? How are you leveraging it to get more leads? Let us know in the comments below.

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