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The Roofer’s Guide to Roofing Flyers

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It can be easy to overlook classic marketing techniques in our fast-paced and increasingly digital world. Social media is a fantastic marketing tool to reach a broad audience, but it can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of other competing businesses.

Staying organized with a roofing software is a great way to gain an edge over your competitors, but physical roofing flyers can help get your business noticed by a captive audience.

Before sending or even crafting your roofing flyers, it’s essential to understand what makes a good flyer. A few key elements will help your brand be noticeable and easily remembered.

We’ll cover the top six tips for making successful roofing flyers, the pros and cons of using roofing flyer templates, and some sites you can use to make your own flyers.

Let’s jump in.

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Top Tips for Creating Roofing Flyers

Avoid Complicated Fonts

While this might seem simple, remember that the more legible a font is, the easier it is for potential customers to connect with your brand.

If potential customers can read your flyer at a glance, they’ll be able to discern who you are and what you do more effectively than if they have to try and interpret the letters of a calligraphy font. A simple font can also help those who have issues with their vision to connect with your brand.

Use High-Quality Images

Photos are a great way to get noticed; however, use images that scale to the size of your advertisement to avoid fuzzy or distorted images. You can find great stock images online for low prices, or sometimes even for free, on sites like Unsplash.

If you want to showcase your work, you can hire a photographer (or a friend with a good camera) to take photos. Alternatively, check out our guide to taking your own pictures for your website.

Use Images Relevant to Your Customers

This one may seem simple, but make sure that any photos you use feel relatable to those who will see them. A neighborhood of townhomes might not feel your business is targeting them if you have an image of a large estate on your roofing flyers.

Remember Your Demographic

Be mindful of who you’re marketing to. For example, you might not get good results from your flyers if you put them up in a college town where most students live in dorms.

To keep yourself from wasting your valuable resources, focus on areas where you know there is a high number of homeowners.

Make Your Branding and Messaging Clear and Consistent

In marketing, branding is everything. Your business’s brand will be more recognizable the more consistent it is. When creating your flyers, make sure that you include your business logo and name, along with any key color schemes you may use.

Emphasize Your Message

Remember to include a short message on your roofing flyers. This message will help people better understand what your business does and how you can help meet their needs.

A brand logo is great, but without a short message, it won’t be enough for someone who has never encountered your brand before.

Using a Template vs. Creating Your Own Roofing Flyer

When you’re ready to make roofing flyers, you have two options: build your own from scratch or use a template. Let’s cover the pros and cons of each choice to help you find the right path forward.

Roofing Flyer Templates: Pros & Cons

Using a template is a great way to save time and have a good-looking flyer. If you go this route, be sure to customize your flyer. Put your spin on it, update all the information, and include your logo.

The biggest downside to using a template is that other roofers might be using the same one. You don’t want yours to get lost in the noise. Another con of using a roofing flyer template is that it might not have everything you want on it.

Building Your Own Flyer: Pros & Cons

If you want a more personalized flyer—one that no one else has—you can make your own. You have endless design possibilities and can make it exactly what you want.

However, you need some graphic design skills and knowledge to make an attractive flyer. If you and your team don’t have that background, you’ll have to pay to outsource the project.

Sources for Creating Roofing Flyers

Making roofing flyers may seem intimidating, but don’t worry! There are a ton of resources out there to help you build an effective flyer. You can find many sites to help you create a flyer with a template:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Express
  • Vistaprint
  • Zazzle
  • PosterMyWall

Propel Your Roofing Business with Paper Flyers

Research shows that a consumer must see an ad seven times on average before they buy.

The more they see a consistent brand message across all your roofing website, Google Business profile, truck wraps, and flyers), the more likely they’ll remember your brand and reach out to you.

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