Downloadable Resources for You to Build Your Business

In Season 3 of Building Business, Ben and Jim cover everything you need to know about marketing your contractor business.

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We’ve compiled some resources to help you build your business.

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Free Downloads to Help You Market Your Business

Top 5 Lead Generation Tips

Want the inside knowledge on how to generate more roofing leads? See JobNimbus’s findings of the 5 most popular methods.

retargeting tips for contractors

Retargeting Tips and Templates

Download your free tips and templates for social media, email and phone scripts to help you gain more leads.

Review Templates for Text & Email

Download free tips and templates to help your company get more reviews and improve your reputation.

contractor website checklist

Website Checklist​

Know what your website needs to thrive? Get a comprehensive checklist that covers everything you need to optimize your site and get more leads.

SWOT Analysis

Download your SWOT Analysis and SWOT Worksheet.

Other Incredibly Powerful Tools to Grow Your Contractor Business

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Actionable insights roofers need to grow in 2023

Find out how you stack up against other roofers in sales, marketing, and more.