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The Communication Tool You Need for Higher Productivity

Engage Business Texting Services for Contractors

Texting is the most powerful and efficient form of communication. Contractors who use business texting services are seeing huge benefits.
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Communicating via email or phone calls can be messy and time-consuming.

Minutes to respond to an email
Seconds to respond to a text
0 %
Open a text within 3 minutes
Times phone checked per day

If you’re spending too much time communicating to your customers without any results, it’s time for a business texting service. Business texting will help get your team and customers on the same page instantly.

The Engage communication platform is here to revolutionize how contractors like you connect with your customers. Improve your business communication through effortless, automated, and trackable texting. With business texting services, you’ll get more texts in front of your customer base, faster responses, and higher customer satisfaction.

Engage improves communication by:

Communicate Quickly, Directly, and How Customers Want

A man at a desk with a tablet and laptop looking at a bar graph and clicking something

Did you know 87% of homeowners want to talk to a contractor primarily over text? If you’re not texting your customers, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. With an 8x higher response rate than email, texting helps customers see and respond to you.

A woman at a desk talking on the phone

Texting helps you get quick responses as well as speedy feedback. Every contractor runs into project delays because of slow responses from customers. Engage business texting services will help you cut out frustrating delays, so you can keep your customers happy and get more done.

Keep Your Communications All in One Place​

Woman and man in an office with file folder and desk as symbols of signed documents, calendars, secure information, and payments.
Most contractors don’t have visibility into what their team is saying to customers. Tracking all your business messaging activity will help you:
With Engage, you can get to all your customer communications in an easy-to-access log. All your customer communications are stored in one place, so you’ll never miss a message.

JobNimbus user Catherine Wells of Jack the Roofer says,

“Texting has helped us a lot, actually. So many of our customers prefer texting over emails or phone calls. It’s really great to finally have that option to text them and have it all stay just right in JobNimbus.”

No More Unread Messages

The stats don’t lie, people read text messages more than emails. When you use business texting services, you can feel confident that you’re reaching your customers.

With faster and more reliable customer communication, you can close more deals and still have time for the things that matter.

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Higher open rate for text than email
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Of all texts are read

Autopilot with a Personal Touch

Man at desk overwhelmed with stacks of paper, boxes, and clocks

Save hours by automating messages through JobNimbus business texting services. With Engage, you can send automated texts to your customers without tapping a button. Automatically send a text message right from the software when your customer’s status changes, after completing an action, or at a set time.

Woman at a desk using a software to make a digital copy of a document and email it

You can include customer names and job information in automated emails to add a personal touch. Give your customers a personalized experience without spending all your time sending messages.

“I have another company in Logan, Utah, that is a sister company . . . .
When Engage came out and they realized that they could text their customers, I think they’re probably up 20–30% in sales because of texting now.”
Andrew S.
Elite Windows and Doors

Engage Features for Better Business Texting

Engage has amazing features that will take your company to the next level. The best part? More new features are coming to give your business an extra edge. Level up your business communication with some of the most popular Engage business texting services.

New Numbers
Call Forwarding
Number Porting
Engage messaging software on a laptop
Switch to the new way of communication and instantly see results.

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