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Roofing Contact Us Page Best Practices

Contact Us page on a roofer's website

Every roofing website should have a Contact Us page. Why? At first glance, this page doesn’t seem to provide much. It typically has minimal content and a simple form to fill out. So why is it so essential?

Think of it this way: a Contact page is a customer’s direct line to your team. It’s vital for directing potential customers deeper into your sales funnel. 

In essence, an effective Contact Us page can bring in more customers for your business. With that in mind, you can see why you not only need a Contact page but an excellent one.

Let’s dive into 5 secrets for creating a Contact page that drives results for your roofing company.

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Insider Tips for Making a Stellar Contact Us Page on Your Roofing Website

1. Build the Contact Page Around Your Brand

Your roofing website should create a visually cohesive vision of who your company is. Pull together elements of your logo, mission and vision statements, and brand colors.

Be sure to include your logo somewhere on your Contact page. Your Contact page should include your company name so there’s no doubt who the customer is contacting.

2. Keep It Simple & Short

When people get to the Contact page on your website, they don’t want a novel’s worth of information. They want to reach you in the shortest time possible. Keep the content on this page succinct.

If you aren’t sure if you should include something here, think to yourself, “How does this help people contact me?” If it doesn’t, save that text for another page.

You should include the following:

  • Why or when someone should reach out to you
  • How you can help them with their problem
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your business hours
  • When they should expect to hear from you

3. Include a Contact Form

You have to collect contact information one way or another to respond to your site visitor. It’s standard for companies to have a short form for contacts to fill out on their Contact Us page—emphasis on short.

If site visitors feel the form is too long, they might not finish or even start filling it out. Only ask for essentials like their name, email address, and what they want to discuss.

Making optional sections (phone numbers, home addresses, etc.) can be helpful, but be mindful that every section you add can bump up the number of unfinished forms. If you get their phone number, don’t forget that you can call or text!

4. Don’t Forget to Update Your Contact Page

Since a Contact page doesn’t have much content, it’s easy to forget about. When you revamp the other pages of your site, don’t let the Contact page slip through the cracks.

Give your Contact Us page a fresh polish when you:

  • Add a new location
  • Change your address
  • Get a new phone number
  • Change your company name
  • Update your company logo or brand colors

5. Bonus Tip: Consider Adding a Map to Your Contact Us Page

If you have a physical office, you can show where it is on a map on your Contact page. The benefit of having a map on your Contact Us page is twofold:

  • It makes your page more visually appealing
  • It provides context and lends credibility to your roofing company

With Google Maps, it’s easy (and free!) to embed an interactive map to your website. Pair the map with a short, optimized bit of text, and you can also boost your local SEO. That’s a two-in-one win!

Supercharge Your Roofing Contact Us Page

Armed with these five tips, you’re well on your way to building an outstanding Contact Us page for your roofing company. Your site visitors will have a better experience, and you’ll have better customer interactions that translate into new customers.

To get the most out of your website, check out our post about the 12 things every roofing website needs. Don’t forget to snag our downloadable website checklist with all the essentials to keep on hand when you build (or revamp) your website.

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